Corporate - M&A

We offer our clients highly qualified assistance in the corporate law practice, focusing on corporate governance, ownership structure and corporate disclosure. We have proven experience in mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, sales of going concerns and stakes, and takeover bids. The combination of legal and tax expertise allowed us to assist our clients successfully in every aspect of the various operations (declarations of intent, non-disclosure agreements, due diligence, negotiation and contract writing, relations with the relevant regulatory authorities and post closure fulfillment) and to participate in corporate and company reorganizations; we are always side-by-side with the client with a highly professional team at every stage of a business transaction. Among others, our practice includes writing articles of association and bylaws, shareholder’s agreements, minutes, communications to shareholders and to the market, assisting clients before and during shareholders’ meetings and, where necessary, meetings of the Boards of Director. Our law firm also has strong expertise in contract law on behalf of clients and suppliers, in assistance to fiduciary and trust companies and leasing operations.