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Start Ups Presentations

Andrei Grigorov

Co-Founder & CEO, CEREALIA, Lausanne,


Thierry Beaupied , Head of trading, Trans-oil International

SA, Lausanne, Switzerland

Swithun Still , Director, Solaris Commodities, Morges,


Robert Zaremba , CTO, CEREALIA, Lausanne, Switzerland


Tax, Legal and Compliance

Bryan Fok , Associate, Solicitor, Schellenberg Wittmer Ltd,

Geneva, Switzerland

Luka Groselj , Associate, Attorney at law, Schellenberg

Wittmer Ltd, Geneva, Switzerland

Sarah Hunt , Partner, HFW, Geneva, Switzerland

Moderator : Marco Compagnino , CM LEGAL - Studio Legale,

Lugano, Switzerland


Smart Economy on Blockchain: Digital Asset, Digital ID, Smart Contract and Regulations

Gurvinder Ahluwalia , CEO & Founder Digital Twin Labs,

Ex-CTO IBM Blockchain, IoT, Cloud - North America, Dallas,


Assylbek Davletov , Chief Fintech Officer, Astana Financial

Services Authority (AFSA), Astana, Kazakhstan

Ben Banerjee , Board Member at European Family Offices

Alliance, InnMind & Swiss Impact Investment Association,

Fundraising Advisor, Zug, Switzerland

Moderator: Lili Zhao , Director, NEO Global Development,

Zurich, Switzerland


Intellectual Property Institutions: Challenges and Innovations


Yury Zubov , Deputy Head of Federal Service for Intellectual

Property, Moscow, Russia

Modarotor: Evgeny Tarlo , President of the Foundation

“Legal State”, Moscow, Russia


Caspian Week 2019 Gala

Caspian Week Pavilion

Nataly Bond & DJ Hugo!

Nataly Bond is a Russian-French musical singer, giving a

unique performance in Caspian Week, Davos with DJ Hugo,

famous South African music producer, holder of Golden

Bass Awards, Hit Maker Awards and Electronic Awards


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Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain

Marc P. Bernegger , Board Member Crypto Finance Group,

Zurich, Switzerland

Louis de Bruin , Blockchain Leader Europe, IBM Blockchain

leader Europe, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Giorgio de Carlo , General Director, Quaeris, Breda di Piave,


Inigo Merino , Digital Transformation Expert SAP, Spain

Monty C. M. Metzger , CEO, LCX AG (Liechtenstein

Cryptoassets Exchange), Liechtenstein

Moderator : Paolo Lezzi , Executive VP, Eucacs, Milan, Italy


Cyber Security

Paolo Lezzi , Executive VP, Eucacs, Milan, Italy

Matteo Bonfanti , Center for Security Studies, ETH, Zurich,


Pascal Buchner , Director Information Technology Services

and Chief Information Officer, IATA, Geneva, Switzerland

Dr. Alessandro Trivilini , Head Digital Forensics Lab,

University of Applied Sciences of Southern, SUPSI,

Lugano-Manno, Switzerland

Moderator: Marco Passalia , Secretary General, LCTA and

member of the Parliament, Ticino, Switzerland

“Innovation in Legal Services” presentation

Vitaliy Kozachenko , Managing Director, Fortior Law S.A.,

Geneva, Switzerland


International interview H.E. Ramon M. Lopez


 The Secretary of the Department of

Trade and Industry (DTI), Republic of the Philippines


Interviewer: Marco Passalia

Secretary General, LCTA and

member of the Parliament, Ticino, Switzerland


Biotech and Healthcare. Digital Innovations

Dr. Y. A. Birtanov , Minister of Healthcare of the Republic

of Kazakhstan, Astana

Prof. Antoine Geissbuhler , MD, Director, Digital Transition,

University of Geneva, Switzerland

Laurent Horvath , Drone Urban Air Mobility Swiss

Ambassador, Leader of the Drone-Taxi initiative, Industrial

Promotion Office, Geneva, Switzerland

Dr. Mourad Lamrani , Director, Menicon Co., Ltd., Geneva,


Stephan Siegenthaler Board Member, Chief Strategy

Officer & Marketing and Sales, Implantica, Zug, Switzerland


Innovative Trade & Finance

Timur Suleimenov , Minister of National Economy of the

Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty

Gurvinder Ahluwalia , CEO & Founder Digital Twin Labs,

Ex-CTO IBM Blockchain, IoT, Cloud - North America, USA

Kairat Kelimbetov , Governor of Astana International

Financial Centre (AIFC), Kazakhstan

Souleïma Baddi , CEO, Komgo, Geneva, Switzerland

Andrei Grigorov , Co-Founder & CEO, CEREALIA, Lausanne,


Ugo Panizza , Professor, The Graduate Institute, Geneva,


Paolo Sironi , FinTech Thought Leader, IBM, Frankfurt Am

Main Germany

Prof. Xiankun Lu , Managing Director, Ledeco, Geneva,


Moderator : Alexander Ivlev , CIS Managing Partner, EY,

Moscow, Russia


Presentation of the book

“Financial Market Transparency”

Paolo Sironi , Author, Frankfurt Am Main, Germany

The history of capitalism is about growth, but the rude

awakening of the Global Financial Crisis was a moment of

reckoning that highlighted the flaws in our understanding

of financial markets and economic development. Only

business transparency based on the understudying of

human biology creates a consequentialist ethics that

realigns central bank’s policies, industrial revenue models,

government actions, environmental priorities and

consumers’ behavior to improve antifragility of our global

ecosystem in the light of UN Sustainable Development



Inauguration of the Caspian Arbitration Center

Welcoming speech

followed by the Special Concert.

At Hilton Garden Hotel

(Promenade 103, Davos)


Caspian Arbitration Society (CAS) A new

arbitration institution with the most innovative set of

arbitration rules out there. The society brings together top

legal professionals and arbitrators who have experience in

the Greater Caspian Region, and aims to advance and

improve the functioning of arbitration proceedings globally

Out of Law’ Jazz Band f rom Geneva,

Switzerland. ‘Out of Law’ is a jazz/rocks fusion band,

playing only original pieces of their own compositions. The

group consists of 6 members with only three professional

musicians, the other members are lawyers

Transport Theory Implementation by Integral

Petroleum, Case Study

Tina Kouznetsova, famous Russian folklore

singer and composer from Moscow, Russia. Winner of

different music prizes, finalist of the Voice TV-show in



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Innovative projects: Manufacturing Innovations, Robotics

Vladimir Usov , Founder and CEO, Kwambio, New York, USA

Dr. Juan Lopez-Villarejo , Head of Machine Vision Program -

Data Scientist, Office for the Promotion of Industries and

Technologies, Geneva, Switzerland


International interview Prof. Xavier Oberson

Professor, University of Geneva,



Presentation of the Greater Caspian Foundation

Mateusz Benko , Tehran Convention Officer, UN

Environment- Europe office, Geneva, Switzerland

Simon Goodman , Leading Expert on Caspian Seal

conservation, Leeds University, England


International interview Dr. Mamuka Bakhtadze

Prime Minister of Georgia


Investments, Infrastructure, Energy and Climate Change. BRI


Marco Gaia , Head of the regional Center South,

MeteoSwiss, Locarno, Switzerland

Kairat Kelimbetov , Governor of Astana International

Financial Centre (AIFC), Kazakhstan

Ray Leonard , President, Anglo-Eurasian LLP, Houston, USA

Prof. Xiankun Lu , Managing Director, Ledeco, Geneva,


Moderator: Frederik Schlingemann , Senior Advisor, Interim

Secretariat of the Tehran Convention, Geneva, Switzerland


Environment: Urban and Rural

Yosef Akhtman , CEO, Gamaya SA, Morges, Switzerland

Sana Belgibayeva , SNCT Sanicount, Lausanne, Switzerland

Rolf Endriss , CFO, Swissponic, Lugano, Switzerland

Laurent Horvath , Member of the OASC Board, OASC: Open

& Agile Smart Cities, Geneva, Switzerland

Marina Gracia March , Co-Founder, Start Universe, Spain

Bozhanka Vitanova , NSF I-Corps Instructor, Brandeis

University, USA

Moderator: Frederik Schlingemann , Senior Advisor, Interim

Secretariat of the Tehran Convention, Geneva, Switzerland


Georgian Dinner

Caspian Week Pavilion

Special guest: Dr. Mamuka Bakhtadze, Prime Minister of



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